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Kesariyas Sweets

About Kesariyas Sweets: Kesariyas Sweets is one amongst the top brand sweet shops in Hyderabad with its two decades of experience, spreading happiness in each bite. Kesariyas Sweets are a class apart and the sheer variety of sweets available is awe-inspiring. Its range of products not only includes famous sweets but also snacks, biscuits, combos and much more.

How did it start?

When Accel Info Tech was chosen as their digital marketing partner by signing off with other digital agency in the month of December 2017, the main objective was to bring Kesariyas Sweets up on to top positions from nowhere in Google search and also to maintain all their social media platforms in an effective manner.

Insights: The site was low on traffic and even the indexing is poor, not ranking on any of the productive keywords.

What did we do?

Accel InfoTech developed an attractive and SEO friendly website and selected productive keywords for the site considering the latest search algorithms. Optimized the site for SEO as it had a lot of scope of driving traffic by achieving top positions on the Google search results.

Outcome: Within few months Accel Info Tech brought a tremendous change in Kesariyas Sweets online presence by making their website appear on top positions of Google search results for potential keywords. Website reach has been increased 30 times more in just X days.

Brow Threading

About BrowThreading: BrowThreading is a company that provides beauty and salon services at very reasonable rates. Its low-cost pricing model is what makes it stand out from the crowd. Founded in the year 2006, this company has now seven different branches, located in areas like Lexena, Zona Rosa, Independence Center, Overlandpark, etc. The services offered by BrowThreading are walk-ins only, such as eyebrow threading, facials, waxing, eyelash extensions, makeup, microblading, etc.

How did it start?

It was xxxxxxx when BrowThreading signed up for the services offered by Accel Info Tech. The core purpose was to develop an appealing website and then boost the online visibility of BrowThreading among its target audience, not just in the search results but on the social media channels too.

Insights: BrowThreading’s presence on the different social media platforms was not enough to attract many customers. Plus, their brand was not doing great in the local search results.

What did we do?

Accel Info Tech started by developing a customer-friendly website with great UI/UX. Then we focused on building a strong social media presence for the BrowThreading brand. By posting creative and result-driven content on a daily basis, we generated curiosity among its audience. Plus, we also optimized the website by making it search engine friendly.

Outcome: Within a matter of a few weeks, BrowThreading started getting more calls from its potential customers. As a result of posting content on social media, on a daily basis, the online visibility of this brand rose by 10x. Improved site authority and traffic statistics are some of the many results we delivered in a short span.

Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust

About PYPCT: Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust was founded in the year 2014. The primary purpose of this charitable trust is to take care of the needs of the elderly people, who are often the abandoned section of our society. Located in Uttar Pradesh, this charitable trust has gained a lot of respect and recognition in its state.

How did it start?

Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust became one of Accel Info Tech’s clients in xxxxxxx 2019. Initially, they had signed up for our SEO services, with the aim of making their website SEO friendly. But soon they also decided to try our SMO services. In 2019, they were not quite a popular name on Facebook or Instagram.

Insights: Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust was definitely struggling with its social media presence. The number of followers both on Facebook and Instagram was quite low.

What did we do?

Accel Info Tech started working on their social media presence by posting at least two highly-engaging content on a daily basis. Creative and emotionally-driven content pieces were shared to drive more audience to their Facebook and Instagram page. Plus, we were also sharing the posts on various Facebook groups, thereby boosting their organic reach. It didn’t stop there; Accel went ahead and developed a brand new website for the Yogananda Trust.

Outcome: In a matter of just x months, their number of followers on Facebook and Instagram surged by xx percent. Now, Paramhansa Yogananda Public Charitable Trust is a name that has gained popularity in other parts of India too. As a result, now people from different regions of India are extending their helping hand.

Trust Logics

About TrustLogics: TrustLogics is one of a kind job portal which offers a wide range of exclusive features to the job seekers and recruiters. It’s a US-based company. Verified Badge is the USP of TrustLogics. It’s a badge that job seekers get upon self-verifying their details, thus adding credibility to their profile. Likewise, recruiters can easily connect with the relevant job seekers via Power Connect. Similarly, there are many aspects that make TrustLogics a market leader.

How did it start?

TrustLogics signed up for Accel’s digital marketing services in the year xxxx. At that stage, the company was struggling in many areas; new recruiters were reluctant to sign up with TrustLogics, and the existing ones were not active either. Owing to the less number of recruiters, it was not getting the attention from the job seekers.

Insights: Lack of social media presence and poor branding, these were the two major issues TrustLogics was facing. Besides that, its social media pages also needed some fine-tuning from the perspective of SMO.

What did we do?

Accel Info Tech started off by doing in-depth market research for TrustLogics and its key competitors. We also start working heavily on its SMM by posting creatives on a daily basis, thereby creating more traffic and brand visibility. Strategies like post commenting and personal messaging were also put into action. Along with, SEO tactics were also utilized to drive more traffic to the website.

Outcome: In just X months, Accel Info Tech was successful in getting more active recruiters and job seekers to TrustLogics job portal. On Facebook and Instagram, it has transformed into a well-known brand, particularly among job seekers. Jobs are now being posted on a daily basis, which in turn is expanding the reach of this premium job portal.

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